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Medeco MEA-100107
Medeco XT, Industrial key (G2)
  • Intelligent keys ensure control and security for projects big and small.
  • The Medeco XT intelligent key provides all power to the cylinder, eliminating the need for any hard wiring or power supply. Simply remove the existing mechanical cylinder and install the Medeco XT cylinder.
  • Medeco XT software contains tools that will help you manage your security more efficiently. Flexible programming, scheduled access, and full audit reports are offered through stand-alone or web-based software.
  • Medeco XT keys also utilize a rechargeable battery and provide feedback to indicate when a charge is required.
  • Audit information recorded in both the lock and key shows a time / date stamped record of every event, including authorized access and unauthorized attempts
  • Intelligent keys are programmed for specific openings with fully flexible scheduling. Access profiles can be created where programming updates are generated automatically when an opening is added or removed.
  • Respond quickly to security threats, lost or stolen keys, or personnel changes utilizing expiring intelligent key validation intervals and remote programming
  • Features dynamic memory, which allows you to adjust the amount of audit transactions and cylinder access the key can store. Once fully inserted into the cylinder, the battery in the key will automatically provide power to the cylinder.
  • Medeco XT products add a wide variety of intelligent features without compromising on physical security. Attack-resistant design and tamper-proof features on the Medeco XT cylinder provide strong protection against forced entry.