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Major Manufacturing  MALSA-1
Major Manufacturing
MSRP: $47.50
  • The LSA-1 kit contains 18 of the most commonly used and misplaced screws that are required when servicing locks.
  • LS-1 for Medeco
  • LS-2 for Medeco
  • LS-3 for Medeco
  • LS-19 1/16" Allen
  • LS-20 5/64" Allen
  • LS-4 for Assa Mortise Cylinders
  • LS-5 for Assa Rim Cylinders
  • LS-6 for Standard Mortise Cylinders
  • LS-7 for Standard Mortise Cylinders Double Cam
  • LS-8 for Schlage Primus Mortise Cylinder
  • LS-9 for Medeco Padlock
  • LS-10 Adams Rite Retaining Screw
  • LS-11 Adams Rite Retaining Screw
  • LS-12 Replacement Retaining Screw
  • LS-13 Replacement Retaining Screw
  • LS-14 Faceplate Screw Zinc Plate
  • LS-15 Faceplate Screw Brass Plate
  • LS-16 Faceplate Screw Black
  • LS-17 Faceplate Screw Zinc Plate X-Long
  • LS-18 Faceplate Screw Black X-Long