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Precision BA5103-703A-689-3'-8'-1-3/4"
Reliant exit device, Rim, Pull Trim, Key retracts latchbolt
MSRP: $642.00
  • Reliant Rim
  • Strikes: No. S300, investment cast stainless steel, black powder coated furnished standard
  • Pull trim
  • Latch bolt – Stainless steel, deadlocking, 3/4” throw
  • Reversible - Reversible for all functions and trims
  • The Reliant 5000 Series is the exit device of choice when an economical and reliable exit device is required.
  • Sound dampeners reduce the noise associated with exit device operation on the depression and return of the touchpad
  • Key retracts latchbolt
  • All Reliant 5000 Series exit devices are UL listed for panic and fire hardware and are certified to ANSI A156.3 Grade 1
  • The Reliant Series chassis is constructed of stainless steel and covers the standard type 161 door preparation